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Industry surveys suggest about one third of unprotected properties in Western Australia are subject to attack by subterranean termites.

Termites happen throughout Western Australia, using a high incidence of assault in almost all urban areas.

The standard residence and Building Insurance Policy will NOT cover the repair costs of termite infested structural and decorative timbers.

The Definitive Guide to How To Control Termite In PlantsWhat Does How To Control Termite In Wood Do?

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A termite colony nest could contain more than a million termites, consisting of a queen, king, young immature nymphs, employees, soldiers and winged reproductives (called alates).

The worker termites are blind and forage in a mostly random criss-cross fashion looking for new wood food sources. But they could encounter and follow moisture zones and track along solid objects, such as, the concrete slab border of your property.

You will find 3 don'ts and 1 do, if you imagine that a termite attackDon'ttouch that the termitesspray them with insecticidebreak open any of the mud tubesDoGive Haynes Pest Management a callWe will come around as soon as possible to put you at ease. We are going to inspect the problem and take you through your options.

There are a number of steps to our professional termite treatment process1) Carry out a complete termite inspection. This is important to determine the species, the grade of this damage, the termite entry points to the building and whether there were any special conditions that left the house more vulnerable to some termite attack.

What Does How To Control Termite In House Do?

Once we have discussed options with you, we supply a written treatment suggestion before starting work.3) Eliminate active termites out of the home. This could take as little as a week to a number of months. The time taken to control the termites depends on the species, the grade of the attack and the products used.

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Once it looks like we have eliminated the termites it's important to carry out a comprehensive inspection of the entire home to confirm the building is clear of termites5) Any conditions around see it here the house that are conducive to termite attack need to become remedied6) Install a termite management system to give protection against potential termite attack.

Both scenarios mean that without a termite management strategy in place, your house is susceptible to another termite attack.The termite products we useElimination of active termitesTo eliminate busy termites, you will find an assortment of treatments which can be used depending on the species and situation. We will always try to find the nest by drilling trees.

But, it is perhaps more common for us to carry out a treatment on the active termites in the building. We'd utilize insecticide foams or pruning to take care of regions of activity or read the article utilize a termite bait to ruin the colony (and eliminate termites from the building).Foams and dusts are good at eliminating termites fromThe building but they generally don't kill the nest, meaning that the termites could return.

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For these reasons, it's vital that a pest control management system be installed around the get redirected here building to prevent concealed termite attack.There are two types of termite management systems; liquid termiticide soil treatments and termite baiting systems.

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